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Most asked questions

Yes, for the ones that offer cleaning services it is completely free and unlimited! We are just happy to have you on board! As a customer you only pay one time an averagre hourly rate to have full acces.
The range of cleaning services and customers is constantly being refreshed.
You're really not stuck with anything! As a platform for cleaning services, you shouldn't want to be sticky yourself, right? We do not have subscriptions or direct debits. As a customer you pay once for unlimited personal contact with all helpers in your area. And as a gift, we will also inform you when new helpers sign up. Agreements with your worker about payments you make together!
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This is the easy to use platform for cleaners and people that look for cleaning services in Lenox. On this website you can chat search and be found for services in your area. Check profiles, see reviews and chat online to make further appointments directly with each other. Completely free for helpers and customers only pay a small one-time fee for unlimited access. Succes.
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